San Antonio, Texas – In a landmark ruling today, the Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s enormous handout to college students at the expense of taxpayers.  

While its initial purpose was to address the rising costs associated with a college education, Biden’s disastrous plan would have hurt taxpayers by forcing them to pay for the educational choices of others. 

College tuition has risen exponentially over the previous decades, largely to feed the university bureaucracies that continue to swell at state schools. Diversity programs, luxury student housing, ballooning support staff, and college degree offerings that have a low return value for students are all contributing to these rising costs. 

Colleges and universities must be held accountable for pricing students out of the education process, forcing them to incur tens of thousands of dollars in long-term loans. 

Ben Mostyn shared the following statement: 

“I fully, yet regretfully support the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down President Biden’s student loan debt relief plan. It is unfair to taxpayers and to those that have paid their debt, as well as those that responsibly executed their higher education – we should not have to pay for their lack of responsibility and commitment. 

What is regrettable aside from students’ misjudgements are the incredibly high costs of tuition. Affordable education should be available for everyone and as your State Representative, I will work diligently to curtail the greed and high costs of Universities.”


About Ben Mostyn

Ben Mostyn moved to Texas when he was a young boy and was raised with good Texas values. From an early age, Ben was homeschooled, which formed the foundation for his current beliefs in school choice and that parents should have full charge of their children’s education.

Growing up poor in a blue-collar family, he learned early on the value of hard-earned money, the struggles of life, and by the age of 9, he was working – pushing his lawnmower and knocking on doors.; selling his mom’s herbal products at fairs; selling appliances he or his dad had fixed up; and later Ben became the youngest employee in the MCI Telecommunications company. He went to Del Valley High School and in the 10th grade and was selected for a pilot program, one of the first in the nation wherein, Juniors and Seniors went to high school and college at the same time, and was 1 of 4 to graduate whilst working for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as an Assistant Engineer in the summers. 

After high school, Mostyn felt a patriotic call to serve his country and enlisted in the US Army, where he achieved numerous medals, awards, and honors for his service. He is also known for his time spent as a model, actor, and comedian in New York City, appearing in numerous publications. Ben also performed on stage and on-screen. 

Pursuing the American dream, hard work, and effort trained him to be a leader, visionary, and problem solver. Ben has owned several businesses and has served as an executive for numerous companies. Ben obtained decades of experience in management and consulting, which he will leverage in the Texas legislature to help solve the problems Texas is facing. 

Ben has always loved teaching, mentoring the next generation, and passing on the knowledge he worked and developed over the years. He is a Certified Master Instructor and has taught at the collegiate level for many years, training our soldiers, and DOD employees how to analyze situations and create solutions. Later, he spent nearly 5 years of his career deployed, much of which was spent in Afghanistan; analyzing, advising, and solving the problem sets during the War on Terror.

Settling his roots once again in Texas, Ben uses his skill sets in management, crisis resolution, and diplomacy to help San Antonio home buyers and sellers achieve their goals. Ben is actively engaged in his community, mentorship, and continues to assist in global affairs. He holds many certifications, an Associate’s degree in Applied Sciences from Cochise College as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies and a Master’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Security from the University of Arizona.

Ben Mostyn is a problem solver and in government, there are endless problems to be solved. Ben believes that we need to vote people into office who will tackle the issues head-on and fulfill their promises to the people of Texas. Mostyn is not a politician and has confidence in moving our state forward in a sensible way. It’s time for people like Ben who can utilize their skill sets to explain, educate, and motivate the people toward the values of our Constitutional Republic and away from Democratic Socialism.

Ben is a believer in hard work, and he knows in order to get things done, you have to be the one to roll up your sleeves and do the work. In the legislature, Ben will be the one who gets things done.