About Ben Mostyn

Ben Mostyn grew up in Texas, and as a young boy, he was raised with good old-fashioned Texas values. Ben was home-schooled from the start and into his mid-teens, laying the foundation for his strong beliefs in school choice and empowering parents’ full control of their children’s education.

Growing up poor in a blue-collar family, he learned early on the value of hard-earned money and the struggles of life, and by the age of 9, he was working – pushing his lawnmower and knocking on doors, selling his mom’s herbal products at fairs, and selling appliances he or his dad had fixed up. Later Ben became the youngest employee in the MCI Telecommunications Company. Attending Del Valle High School, Ben was selected for a pilot program–one of the first of its kind in the nation–that enabled juniors and seniors to attend and earn credits in both high school and college at the same time. He was one of four students from that initial class to graduate from the program. While continuing to meet his sales quotas at MCI, as well as serving as an assistant manager and sales trainer; and taking on a second full-time job in the summers, working at night as assistant engineer for Advanced Micro Devices, Ben managed to graduate high school with honors and at the top of his class.

After high school, Ben felt a patriotic call to serve his country and to give back to those that had sacrificed for our freedoms. He enlisted in the US Army, where he achieved numerous medals, awards, and honors during his service, also representing his unit as Soldier of the Year for two consecutive years. Ben has worked in New York City as a print model, actor (on stage and screen), and standup comedian.

Pursuing the American dream, Ben was trained to be a leader and visionary. Ben has owned several businesses, served as an executive for numerous companies, and obtained decades of experience in management, consulting, and in short, problem solving. Complementing political philosopher Thomas Hobbes who stated that “the condition of Man is a condition of war of every one against every one,” Ben states, “You have to know the root in order to understand the blossom,” and it is with this conviction, empathy, and resolve he will legislate in the State of Texas to help solve the problems Texans are facing.  

While Ben was teaching for the Department of Defense at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, several lethal incidents took place at the US-Mexican Border, motivating him to unilaterally cross over into Mexico and engage with the Mexican Mayors and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The initiative he took resulted in positive impacts at the border and the start of a Regional Border Mayor’s Summit that gathered the Mayors of Southeast Arizona and Sonora, Mexico to resolve differences and find solutions that benefited both sides of their shared border region.

Ben has always loved teaching, mentoring the next generation, and passing on the knowledge he has worked and developed over the years. He is a Certified Master Instructor for the Department of Defense (DOD) and has taught at the collegiate level for many years, training our soldiers and DOD employees how to analyze situations, create solutions, and execute the best courses of action. He spent nearly five years of his career deployed, much of which was spent in Afghanistan, analyzing, advising, and solving critical problems during the War on Terror.

Settling his roots once again in Texas, Ben uses his skills in management, crisis resolution, and diplomacy to help San Antonio home buyers and sellers achieve their goals. Ben is actively engaged in mentorship in his community and continues to assist in global affairs. He holds many certifications, associate’s degree in Applied Sciences from Cochise College, with a bachelor’s degree in Intelligence Studies and a master’s degree in Political Science (with an emphasis in International Security), both from the University of Arizona.

Ben is a problem solver, and in government, there are endless problems to be solved. He believes that we need to vote people into office who will tackle the issues head-on and fulfill their promises to the people of Texas. Ben is not a politician and has confidence in moving our State forward in a sensible way. It’s time for people like Ben who can utilize their skill sets to explain, educate, and motivate the people toward the values of our Constitutional Republic and away from Democratic Socialism.

Ben is a believer in hard work and he knows in order to get things done and done right, you have to be the one to roll up your sleeves and do the work. In the legislature, Ben Mostyn will be the one who gets things done, not only in short order, but done right for Texas.