Key Issues

Effective and Actionable


Crime in San Antonio is out of control, with a rise in violent crime, property theft, and drug abuse leading the way. Over the past few years, Liberal Democrats have been focused on defunding our hard working law enforcement agencies, resulting in fewer officers to patrol our streets and fewer resources allocated to keep career criminals behind bars. 

Since liberal Democrats have taken control of San Antonio, our city has become a breeding ground for organized crime, drug dealers, and career criminals. San Antonio is now ranked more dangerous than 97% of cities in the United States and one of the most dangerous places to live in the state of Texas. Murder, rape, robbery, assault, and property theft are through the roof and well above the national average. 

 San Antonio needs elected leaders who are not bought and paid for by extremist interest groups. It’s time for a leader in government who will put the safety of San Antonio first. 

 Mostyn firmly believes that the government’s first priority is to keep its citizens safe. 

 Here are some ways that Ben Mostyn will make San Antonio a safer place for families

  • End Cashless Bail in Texas, which allows careers criminals back onto our streets within hours of their arrest 
  • Hold Liberal DA Joe Gonzalez accountable for pushing his radical agenda, which hurts law-abiding San Antonians and their families
  • Give the San Antonio Police Department the tools and training they need, so they can enforce the laws and keep our communities safe
  • Pass tough on crime legislation that punishes dangerous street gangs, putting them behind bars where they belong
  • Fight back against the drug cartels who are flooding our streets with fentanyl and other dangerous drugs. It’s time we designate the drug cartels and their allies as terrorist organizations so we can unleash the might of our military to defend our nation.

Smart Investment in San Antonio

Our streets are crumbling, our sidewalks are in disrepair, and it isn’t safe for our children to walk home after school. For years our elected officials have been aware of the severe infrastructure problems facing our city, and yet, they have done nothing to tackle this problem. 

It’s time to make real investments in our city. We cannot afford to allow our city to crumble around us and expect high paying jobs and businesses to come to our city. We must invest in fixing our roads, building sidewalks, and ensuring that our infrastructure serves our citizens. 

 Investment in Infrastructure is for the long-term beauty and safety of San Antonio. A city with uneven roads, old buildings, and waste is not a place to start a business, go to school, or raise a family. If we make a real investment in San Antonio now, the generations to come will have a thriving community to call home. 

 Here are some ways that Ben Mostyn will improve our infrastructure in San Antonio:

  • We must continue to invest in street improvments, filling in sidewalk gaps, and burying utility lines. 
  • Fund our Parks & Recreation services to clean up the dozens of parks our visitors go to
  • Modernize the Business District to create an attractive environment for new jobs
  • Fund highway and freeway construction, to allow faster transportation of goods and services throughout to and from San Antonio

School Choice and Education

Our education system is failing the next generation of Texans. Our schools are underfunded, our teachers are overworked and underpaid, and our students are falling behind in the core subjects. Texas needs elected officials who will take politics out of the classroom and focus on rebuilding an education infrastructure that benefits teachers, parents, and students. 

Texas is one of the most uneducated states in the US. It is no different in Bexar County. Their graduation rate is worse than the national average. Philip Cortez promised to provide much-needed resources for student success. He promised to increase public school funding and look out for students who want to earn college credit in high school. Philip Cortez’s promises have turned into failures for the students of Bexar County and the state of Texas.

Families need educational options to combat the failures of our cash-strapped public schools. The State Legislature promised to increase funding for our schools, but have failed to deliver on those promises. 

Ben Mostyn believes in an education system that delivers results for San Antonio families. He will work with San Antonio schools to efficiently allocate resources that improve outcomes for our students. We can’t afford to simply throw money at the problem and hope everything improves. Ben Mostyn will deliver smart solutions that don’t raise taxes AND ensure that our schools receive the resources they need to empower our teachers and students. 

Here are some ways that Ben Mostyn will improve schools for the people of San Antonio:

  • Raise pay for high achieving teachers. Texas ranks 26th in the nation in teacher salaries. Our $32 billion surplus provides us the opportunity for historic assistance to Texas educators.
  • Expand school choice. In Texas, school vouchers are under debate. Texas families already have a wide range of options for their child’s education. The only problem is that they cannot afford it. 
  • Protect our children. Across the state and in our city, violence is on the rise in our schools. It is the job of our State Legislature to ensure that all students and all teachers feel safe in the classroom. WE MUST DO BETTER! Schools need more security measures put in place and students need more access to mental health resources.

Drug Cartels

At the southern border, the CBP and our border patrol agents have been overwhelmed with the continued drug and immigration crisis created by the failed policies of President Biden. Our Border Patrol agents work tirelessly in a dangerous environment to keep America safe.

In the last two years alone, over a million pounds of drugs have been seized by US Customs and Border Protection. Leading the way is fentanyl. More than 300 million lethal doses of fentanyl have made its way into the state of Texas.This is nearly enough Fentanyl to kill every American citizen. 

The drug crisis at the southern border is the greatest failure of our government. Young people are overdosing and families are being torn apart, all while these dangerous drug cartels are reaping the rewards. Our government is failing to protect our nation. 

One in four Texans have been forever harmed by this epidemic. Not to mention the damage done to their families, friends, and their children. 

Ben Mostyn knows it is time to stand up to the drug cartels and fight for the families of Texas. The Federal Government is leaving Texas on its own with this crisis. There has never been a more important time for leadership on this issue. 

  • Immediately label the drug cartels as terrorist organizations. This will allow our military to FIGHT BACK against the cartels and protect our Nation.
  • We need to fund new technology for vast surveillance to catch drug smugglers that rely on our depleted forces for the success of their criminal operations. 
  • Texas has had enough of the border crisis. This crisis is a direct results of the failed open border policies of President Biden and the Democrats.We need to finally fight back against the evils of the drug cartels. SECURE THE BORDER NOW!


Our nation’s economy is in crisis. The extreme spending policies of the Biden Administration has skyrocketed inflation. Under President Biden, inflation has crushed the Texas economy and forced Texas families between a choice of putting food on the table, filling up the gas tank, or making the mortgage payment. 

 The Democrats have spent trillions of dollars of our money and want to raise our taxes to pay for it. For the first time in history, the nation’s debt is bigger than the GDP. 

 Their radical agenda is all about the Green New Deal and climate craziness. They want the government to control people’s lives and make the people dependent on government aid to survive. This liberal utopia is a dangerous path for the people of Texas.

 Bidenflation has left states with no choice but to take critical economic measures to save Texans from a recession and fiscal ruin. 

 Ben Mostyn has seen this destruction firsthand. As a realtor, he’s watched how the housing market has been affected by Bidenflation. Mortgages have gone up and people cannot afford to buy a new house and improve their lives. President Biden has put San Antonio in an untenable economic reality with his fiscal policies.

 Ben Mostyn wants solutions that will put hard-earned money back into people’s pockets as soon as possible. He thinks Texans should be rewarded for their hard work, not forced to cede their paycheck to the radical Democrats in government. 

As a member of the State Legislature, Ben Mostyn will support:

  • Drilling to bring down the costs at the pump
  • Fixing the supply chain to get goods on the shelf and on tables
  • Legislation that brings down the cost of mortgages so families can better their lives

Protect Women

Across the country, opportunities for women are being taken away by biological men. Young girls are being forced to share private spaces with and participate in sports against biological boys. 

We must protect women and girls from these invasive and dangerous liberal policies. 

 As a member of the State Legislature, Ben Mostyn will support:

  • Protecting girls sports
  • Keeping men out of womens bathrooms
  • Protect opportunities for girls and women to excel and achieve

Small Businesses

As a successful realtor, I understand the economic challenges facing Texans. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, they create jobs and opportunities for our community that produce lasting economic growth.

We need politicians who understand the struggles that small business owners face on a daily basis. We are tired elitist and corrupt business leaders that dictate economic policy to the rest of us. 

It’s time to create an economic environment that benefits everyone.

As a member of state legislature, Ben Mostyn will support:

  • Decrease capital gains tax
  • Decrease Estate tax
  • Decrease agency regulations and paperwork
  • Increase small business tax incentives/ tax relief
  • Tort reform, make changes to protect honest company’s from frivolous lawsuits
  • Prioritize small businesses over special interests and foreign governments