As a Christian, as a Texan, and as an American, I cannot begin to express the heartbreak and anger I felt over the weekend as the news broke about Hamas’ attack on Israel. The fact that these terrorists felt confident enough to launch such an attack on civilian targets in Israel shows that the Democrats, led by their failure-in-chief Biden, have completely destroyed our credibility on the world stage.

Texans, throughout our state’s history, have fought for democracy, the inalienable right of self-determination, and against authoritarian regimes who target innocent people because they feel that no one would hold them accountable. Now, as rockets bear down on the homes, schools, and hospitals of Israel, we will do what we have always done and stand by our allies, defend the innocent, and fight back against terrorists.

With your support, Texas can take the leadership position that Biden and his Democrat cronies across the nation have abandoned and hold these terrorists accountable. It’s high time that we remind these cowardly terrorists what Texans do to predators who prey on the innocent, and that Israel is not alone in this fight.

For Texas, Israel, and America,

Ben Mostyn

Candidate for Texas House District 117